Effective Ways to Overcome Candidate Ghosting in the Hiring Process

Ghosting, a term borrowed from the world of online dating and text-based conversation, is the act of simply ceasing all communications without warning. It happens to companies from time to time when a candidate never responds to attempts to follow up about an open position. Ghosting can have a significant impact on your company and hiring decisions, whether you’re the one doing the ghosting or you’re being ghosted by quality candidates. Do you want to overcome and reduce ghosting in your hiring process? Here’s how.

Text Reminders

Throughout the interview process, be sure to text your candidates’ reminders about their meetings with you. We know that some employers are hesitant to do this, but it can be effective. It isn’t specifically to remind them to attend the interview but to reinforce that you are looking forward to meeting them as well.

This practice can also give you a lot of insight into the candidate. If you send a text and they still ghost, then you know to let that candidate go regardless of their skills. Or some candidates might see this as an invitation to let you know they moved on with their job search, which eliminates ghosting.

Be an Employer of Choice

Of course, you also want to be an employer that people are excited to work for. Why would someone want to work with your company rather than your competition? What do you bring to the table? What do you have to offer a professional who may be interested in your type of position?

Becoming an employer of choice is about the satisfaction of your current team as well. They will be great brand ambassadors if you treat them well and keep them engaged and happy on the job.

Build Relationships

Hiring isn’t just about putting people in seats; it’s about building a long-term relationship. As soon as someone feels like they’re just a cog or that they’re replaceable, they will be less interested in contributing to the greater success of the company.

But you have the power to build positive relationships with current employees and potential candidates. When you build professional relationships with those in your community, you’re opening up your opportunities to people excited to make a difference.

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