Ready for National Safety Month? 3 Tips to Prepare for June

Workplace safety

Did you know that June is National Safety Month? Whether you work in a warehouse or office, it’s important that safety is always at the top of your mind. If you want to encourage your team or management staff to get ready to promote safety month, here are three things that will help you prepare for June. Put your own spin on it and make it fun, but ensure that your employees are getting the most out of safety awareness this year.

Create Events

In order to promote a culture of safety in the workplace, create events that everyone in your office or warehouse can participate in to gain awareness. Events can be anything from a class about a variety of safety issues to a party just to celebrate your accident-free workplace.

The national safety council can provide materials you can use to promote your events. Other activity suggestions include hosting a safety trivia event, have a lunch-and-learn, or creating newsletters or blog posts to promote safety in the workplace.

Highlight Safe Employees

One key activity during safety month is to highlight employees who have excelled at safety. Make sure you do this publicly so everyone in the office or warehouse knows what their contribution was and that they are appreciated.

Employee appreciation can go a long way, even beyond safety. Employees who feel that they are valued will work harder with this kind of positive reinforcement.

Reinforce with Training

National Safety Month is a good time for additional training to reinforce your safety initiatives and protocols. Host a training refresher course with your current employees to ensure they are up to date with the most recent information.

You can also work on your safety onboarding for new employees. Update your programs to make safety a priority for all incoming employees.

Make Safety Culture Year Round

Yes, we were going to give you three actionable tips to help you prepare for safety month, but we also want to be clear that safety should be recognized all year long. Use June as a jumping off point to make one of your annual initiatives safety oriented.

Even if you don’t think safety affects your workplace, it does. There can be hazards in every environment, so be sure to address these and continue the conversation toward prevention.

Workplace safety



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