Is Your Mobile Application Simple?

mobile job application

Did you know that a very large number of adults in the U.S. access the internet exclusively through smartphones or tablets? That means to access your online application, they need to be able to view it in mobile form. And if a mobile application isn’t easy to use, many qualified applicants will stop the process and not apply for your open positions. What can do you to solve that problem? Here are a few things to consider to simplify your online application for mobile devices.

Apply for Your Own Jobs

The single best way to understand the employee experience is to apply for your own jobs and see where the roadblocks are. Take some time to go through the entire process. Don’t skip sections, fill it out just as you would expect a qualified candidate to go through each section.

As you do, make notes of what aspects are difficult, frustrating, repetitive, or otherwise stop you from completing the process. Once you do, you will have a better understanding of what to alter to improve results.

Length of Application

The biggest challenges for a lot of candidates is the time it takes to complete an application. Keep in mind that many of your top candidates may be working full-time jobs or filling these applications out after hours when they want to be spending time with family.

While we expect job seekers to focus on their job search full time, that isn’t the reality for every candidate. You need to make sure the process isn’t prohibitive. You don’t want to rule any qualified candidates out from the experience.

Your Must-Haves

When you’re going through the application, keep track of the things that are essential for you and determine what aspects of the application you can eliminate. Your must-haves are the things that you require for employment.

It’s okay to collect the information that will help you decide who to contact for an initial phone screen. The trick is discerning what is essential and what can be taken out or transformed.

Change the Recruiting Process

Finally, you need to get your recruiting team on board with the changes. They need to partner with you to bring in the best candidates, not just anyone who has applied. Work with them to streamline your process.

If you don’t have a dedicated in-house recruiting team, your best bet is to partner with a staffing service. They recruit for the top professionals and only submit the best of the best for your review and the interview process. You can be confident that their application process is thorough and effective.

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