Resume Guide for Administrative Assistants

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You may feel like you’re always repeating the same things when applying to administrative assistant positions. With a lot of competition for these roles, how can you stand out from the crowd? If you’re working on your resume, here are a few things you can do to set yourself apart and make sure you’re presenting yourself as the top admin candidate.

Showcase Your Different Skills

An administrative assistant has to wear a lot of hats on the jobs, and it’s your job to sell a potential employer on your ability to do this. You should include your different skills in a way that emphasizes the results, and include some things you bring to the table that your competition might not. For example, if you’ve contributed to a newsletter you can specifically talk about your writing or design skills as an added benefit to hiring you.

Focus on the Impact of Your Work

Always show how your work impacted your previous employers. It’s not enough to say that you know how to use Microsoft products, show how your use of these products made a positive impact on the success of your last company. Like a good novel, be sure that you’re showing, not telling, about your experience.

Create a Clean Format with No Errors

A good portion of any administrative assistant job is to create clean documents with no errors, so start with that impression. A resume with grammar and formatting issues will be overlooked, especially for a job that requires more attention to detail. Go over it several times and even have another person take a look to make sure it’s clean and ready to read.

Personalize It

Finally, when crafting your resume be sure to personalize it for the specific employer. Look at their job description and work in the skills and experience they want to see by applying it to the things you’ve done. Don’t embellish your own experience. Consider it more like a puzzle. Think of the ways you’ve done those things in the past and emphasize them in your resume.

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