Could Video Lead You to Better Candidates to Fit Your Company Culture?

Do you know the power of video? Statistics show that websites and social media posts that include video content get more views than text or photos. But video content about your company can do so much more than drive traffic. It can be a very useful tool for your recruiting process. Can video lead you to better candidates who fit your company culture? It can, and here’s how.

It Shows Your Actual Employees

Video content of your company and the people who work there will give potential candidates a real day in the life experience. This snapshot will show them far more than a simple job description. And by seeing actual people in real situations on the job, more people can imagine themselves in those roles. That will make your job to sell your company to them a lot easier.

It Shows Your Corporate Culture

Reading job descriptions or seeing social media posts don’t often give candidates a fair picture of what the corporate culture looks like. But video can offer that insight. When you film your company, whether it’s just a quick video of people working or a scripted video to showcase something specific, you’re going to show who you truly are.

It Shows Employee Engagement and Enjoyment

While employee testimonials and brand ambassadors are a great way to have people see how engaged your team is, video can drive that to the next level. Film your employees providing their testimonials, but also film corporate events and fun things you’ve done so candidates can see what it’s actually like. Candidates will research this content before arriving at their interview and can already have a sense about their interest.

It Gets More Views on Your Jobs

As we mentioned, video content gets more views than static content. It also drives more people to your site, which will get more eyes on your job posts themselves. Video content is a great driver of traffic so its value is way beyond the actual message sent in the video itself.

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