What Can You – the Candidate – Ask in the Job Interview to Determine Company Culture?

You’ll see one of the biggest topics for job seekers today is to determine the company culture before accepting a job offer. This can help you see yourself working in their environment or on their team. The best way to do that is to ask questions within the job interview. The answers provided by the hiring manager can inform your decision and give you a picture of what to expect. Here are a few questions you can ask.

How Would You Describe the Environment?

You want to know that you are going to be a good fit with the job and the team. To understand this, you need to get a feel for the company environment and corporate culture. And you can also see how the interview answers this question, which will also give you some insight.

What you want to learn is whether the company is casual or more professional, if it’s quiet or bustling, and whether people work independently or collaboratively. Their answer, along with context clues you can observe, will give you a picture of what to expect.

What Has Changed at the Company Since You Started?

It’s also helpful to get a feel from the interview about their job. With this question, you will learn how long the interviewer has worked there, where they started in their position, and learn more about how the company has evolved.

It’s expected that the interviewer will only share good things about the company, but you can also learn a lot from their tone and body language.

Do You Have Joint Events with the Other Departments?

You also want to know what to expect as far as the interaction with other departments. Some organizations are very collaborative across different departments, but some don’t. And the specific answers aren’t as important as whether they meet your expectations.

If you want a highly collaborative environment, then working with other departments or hosting interoffice events will be a very big part of the employee experience.

Can You Tell Me About the Last Team Event?

Social events are often the backbone of an office. They are community builders and allow for everyone to get to know one another outside of the office. Team events can take many forms, but how they play out can give you an idea about the office culture and if you would fit in.

Are the events more focus on fun and casual relaxation with other people in the company? Or do they seem to focus on team building and ice-breaking activities?

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