How Can a Staffing Agency Help Your Business Overcome the Lowest Unemployment Rate Texas Has Ever Seen

Texas currently has the lowest unemployment rates since the Department of Labor began tracking the statistics. That means employers like you may be having a harder time finding top talent as candidates are less likely to be looking for new jobs. But that doesn’t mean hope is lost for Texas employers. Have you considered partnering with a staffing agency? Here are some benefits of working with a staffing partner and how you can overcome the lowest unemployment rate in Texas.

Save Money

Hiring is an expensive process. Not only do you have to worry about the salary you’re paying your new employee but you also have to factor in all the costs of sourcing and interviewing candidates. On top of that, what’s happening to the work without someone in that role? You may lose money if you leave the position unfilled.

A staffing agency can help. The cost of hiring is built into your contract with them. They focus on hiring right the first time but are happy to help with a replacement if something doesn’t work out.

Source Talent

With top talent harder to find, a recruiter can help you source potential candidates. They know where to look to find individuals seeking work, candidates who are relocating, or passive candidates who may not have been looking for a new job.

Sourcing talent can be costly but it can also take a lot of time if you don’t know exactly where to look. A staffing partner will know and will be able to share talent with you in a timely fashion.

Be Flexible

The low unemployment rate is great for Texans, but it can also be great for employers willing to be more flexible. Some candidates have come from the gig economy and are looking for a job with better work/life balance.

If you can be that employer, you may find top talent as they reenter the traditional workforce. They are likely to work with a staffing agency to help them reintegrate, so take advantage of that.

Temp to Hire

Partnering with a staffing agency also gives you a chance to try someone out before you commit to hiring them for your company. Temp-to hire-arrangements are common and beneficial to both parties. The employee gets to know your company as well and you both can make the decision to work together on a more permanent basis.

You will have the support from your staffing agency throughout the process including employee management and payment.

Work With a Top Staffing Agency in Houston TX

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