Diverse Team? Here’s How to Be the Best Manager You Can Be

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace is a goal for many employers. But when you’re the manager, how can you be sure that you’re representing everyone who works with you to the best of your ability. There are some ways you can improve your management skills and supervise several people all with different backgrounds, skills, and mindsets. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Build Your Emotional Intelligence

Like your IQ or intelligence quota, you can also measure your emotional intelligence. This is how you respond in specific situations, how you control your emotions, and how you act toward other people. It includes but isn’t limited to your empathy.

Have Empathy

Along with your overall emotional intelligence, you need to strengthen and hone your empathy. Empathy helps you put yourself in someone else’s shoes and see situations from their perspective. This will help you be a better manager for everyone regardless of their background or how their mindset differs from your own.

Pay Attention to Their Personal Lives

To be a better boss, pay attention to the details about their personal lives. And do that for everyone across the board regardless of whether you have a friendship with them. If you don’t give equal attention to all of your employees, it may appear that you are playing favorites.

Stand Up For Your Team

It’s also important that you stand up for your team and individuals on your team whenever necessary. This means in situations of racial bias, sexism, harassment, bullying, and anything else that can impact people directly and negatively. It’s important that you show your team that you have their back.

Ask Them for Input

Diversity is only the first step in equality. There needs to be more, including allowing more people to have decision-making power. You can get the ball rolling in the right direction by encouraging your team to provide input on a variety of things in your company, including policy and procedure.

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