5 Ways to Show Appreciation to Employees

Employee retention is always a top concern for management teams. You want to keep your top performers happy and engaged. And to do that, appreciation and gratitude go hand in hand. How do you show appreciation to your employees? While simply saying “thank you” is a good start, there are a few things you can do to show how much you value your team. Here are just five things you can do today.

Recognize Anniversaries

A simple gesture like remembering when each employee started will go a long way to showing that you appreciate them. The easiest way to recognize it is by giving them a card or just stopping by their desk to wish them a happy anniversary and thanking them for their hard work. You can also consider taking them to lunch or giving them a gift card. Public recognition of work anniversaries can make an impact across the entire team.

Random Events

To show your entire team how much you appreciate what they’re doing it, host random events. Surprise your team with lunch in the office. Or an afternoon away from their desks to have fun and interact with one another on a more social level. When you do this randomly without expectation, you are showing your team that you value them.

Thank You Notes

Take a page out of etiquette handbooks and go old school by handwriting a thank you note to your valued employee. Every once in a while, get out some stationary or a blank card and pen a note of gratitude to your employee. Put their home address on the envelope and send it out in the mail. It’ll brighten their day when they receive it out of the office.

Commute Reimbursement

It may be expected that your team can drive to work or take public transportation. But think about this. If they didn’t work for you, they wouldn’t be spending the money on gas or train passes. Consider reimbursing them for theses costs. It will be pennies for your business but will go along way to show your team that you want them there.

Free Stuff

Everyone loves free things. You can offer your employees free swag from your company. This has a dual purpose. Not only do you show your gratitude with these gifts, but you also give your team a chance to represent your brand. And if they like working for you and feel valued, they’ll be happy to wear or use these items.

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