STOP – Four Letters to Calming Job Interview Nerves

Job interviews are stressful, no matter what your reason for embarking on a job search. But there are ways to calm your nerves and reduce your stress so you’re ready to face your interview and impress the hiring managers. One such method is known as the STOP method. Let’s take a closer look at how this can help calm you down before your next big job interview.

Stop What You’re Doing and Focus

When you’re feeling nervous or anxious, the worst thing you can do is give in to the feelings and dwell on them. Instead, stop what you’re doing before you spiral and focus.

One way to do that is to have an available coping mechanism. For some people who suffer from panic attacks, taking a second to look at cute cat pictures is enough to stop them from falling into the darkness.

Take a Deep Breath

Once you’ve stopped the spiral, take a deep breath. In fact, spend a few minutes focusing entirely on your breathing. This will get you out of your own head and thinking about something else.

That will allow you to better process the situation once you feel a little distance from it. Your breathing grounds you to reality, so take time to feel each breath fully.

Observe What’s Happening

Now is the moment you can step out of your own experience and try to get an objective view of what’s really happening. Why are you feeling stress and anxiety? What could you do to make the situation less stressful?

Observation is a key point that many people skip. They figure that they’ve breathed their way through a problem and are ready to jump right back in. But identifying your trigger is more important so you can avoid them moving forward.

Proceed with an Intention

The final step is to proceed, but with renewed intention. You’re about to go into a job interview. You’ve gotten past the panic stage and focused on your breath. You’ve observed what is making you nervous, so now you can take action.

Your next step will be about entering the interview feeling more confident. For example, you can accomplish this by reviewing your resume one more time so you don’t forget to cover important points.

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