My Meador Story – Kristi Claypool

What a powerful week it has been at Meador Staffing! Being able to participate in ABC13’s spotlight on Pasadena has really given us a wonderful opportunity to tell the Meador story for not only the company, but for our employees and the community as well. Kristi Claypool was selected to give an on-air interview with Chelsey Hernandez. This is her rundown of the event and a bit of her story on how she came to Meador. We are truly blessed to have such a light in our organization – thank you for all you do!

It was definitely another memorable day at Meador Staffing with ABC 13 as they spotlighted the City of Pasadena and how Meador Staffing has impacted the City. It was so much fun at corporate this day with Minnie and Renae doing phone photos and conversations with Consumer Reporter/Anchor, Chelsey Hernandez  and also Producer/Special Projects, Chris Nocera. They were at corporate office for an hour and a half on Friday the 30th . Even some of our candidates got in on the fun as Renae and Minnie were helping them get checked in. Candidates were not a part of the shoot however they had so much fun with the experience in our lobby area.

Melinda was the first person they interviewed. This was filmed in our corporate conference room and was certainly a WOW moment!! Melinda gave the story of Meador Staffing like no other! She started by acknowledging Ben Meador and Gene Brady, explaining our grassroots and how they began and how Mr. Meador grew the business. She explained how it all started with Direct Hire placements. She then talked about all lines of service we offer today and the strength of our temporary division within the company. Chelsey asked Melinda great questions in the interview about the company such as how we find the candidates, the types of jobs we fill, our relationships in the community and much more. Melinda, hit the ball out of the park on EVERY question asked. She gave God the glory for all He’s done within Meador Staffing. She went over a few of our core values and the importance of what we do in career placements.

All I could think of while Melinda was doing her shoot was gosh…. I will have a turn next and please help me Lord! I silently prayed that God would give me the same gifting Melinda has in communication and that I’m able to share my heart and story…….and as always, God came through. I felt His presence as I shared my experience from 2007 coming into Meador Staffing as single Mom with 2 preteen boys, with a mission to bring more income into my home however no vision on how that would happen. God met there is the only way I know to explain it when I walked into the DPO and how I shared in my interview with Chelsey. I was guided every step of the way with the right staffing consultants, my first temporary assignment in the Ship Channel area and of course, the rest is history. There was a time in my interview Chelsey said…..”I’m getting goosebumps listening to this story”. It’s truly an amazing story and my journey at Meador Staffing is due to everyone that interviewed me that day.

This ABC 13 experience helped me remember my beginning days and keep this always in my heart and in the forefront of my mind. My experience is the reason for my passion and the reason to live the values we have within Meador. It’s also my reason for being so incredibly thankful for God guiding my steps and much more. Thank you Melinda for asking me to share my story!!


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