These Job Search Tips WON’T Help You This Year

There are a lot of job search tips available online. In fact, some websites seem to contradict themselves in terms of the best ways for you to find a job. Most are a matter of preference and it’s worth picking and choosing what works for you. But there are some job search tips that simply won’t serve you as you continue to look for your next opportunity. What are some of these unhelpful job search tips and what should you be doing instead? Let’s take a closer look.

Have The Same Resume for Every Job

You create a resume and polish it to make sure it’s perfect. Then you send that resume to every possible open position. But not every company will respond to the same resume. Customization is a valuable tool and it’s important that you can take your basic resume template and update it to reflect the individual company and their needs.

Take some time to review each job and determine where you think the company’s pain points are. Then use that language in your resume to reflect that you are the best solution to their problems.

Only Apply if You Match All the Requirements

Another mistake many job seekers make is only applying to jobs when they match every single requirement mentioned. Companies will create jobs with their ideal candidate in mind, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for potential.

If you can check off many of the boxes or have an interest in learning the things that the company values, it still may be worth it to apply. Be sure to focus on your ability to learn and adapt and what experience you do have that fits their criteria.

Applying to Lots of Jobs is the Best Strategy

Ever hear of the concept of throwing cooked spaghetti at the wall to see if it sticks? This is supposed to tell you if the spaghetti is done. But there are other methods, such as tasting it, which proves more effective. Some people have this approach to their job search. They throw their resume at every job to see what sticks. This can backfire.

While you should apply to some jobs where you don’t match all the qualifications, you shouldn’t apply for all of the jobs for which you have no experience at all. Be judicious from both angles when you’re choosing where to send your resume.

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