Showcase Your Employees to Build Your Culture

Workplace culture is a huge buzz in the industry today. Everyone wants to make sure that their company stands out and they do that by improving their environment, updating their goals and mission, and providing great benefits. But what piece is often missing from the culture conversation? Your employees are the most important aspect of who your company so be sure to showcase them in a positive way to demonstrate your company culture effectively. Here’s how.

Highlight Employees on Your Website

When you visit a website to learn about a company, what do you look at first? You take a look at the homepage. Then you might click on the “About” page. If there is an “Our Team” page, do you click there too? Of course, because you want to know the human beings behind the product. You want it to be personal, and knowing the people who make it happen can help you envision the product or services. If you showcase your employees on your website, whether it’s through a team directory or a spotlight series on your blog, you humanize your business.

Involve Them in Social Media

You can take this and apply it to your social media as well. Not only should your company have a presence on LinkedIn, but it’s important to be on Facebook these days. And, depending on a few factors, other platforms like Twitter or Instagram could also help spread the word about your company. But you don’t have to do this alone. Get your team involved. Don’t just showcase them and their stories on your social media channels, though that is a good idea, have them provide the content to help your audience see the human side of your organization.

Leverage Their Testimonials

You probably ask for customer testimonials all the time. You want to share why people recommend your products or services. But there is a flip side to this information. You should also be getting testimonials from your employees. Why do they like their job? Why do they like working for your company? Why would they recommend that someone else work there or do business with you? Employee testimonials are as important as any other review of your company.

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