Signs You Should Leave Your Job & Pursue A Change

Do you ever wonder when is the right time for you to leave your current job? You may have some concerns about stability, earning potential, or even how it will affect your life outside of work. But there are some signs that can help point you in the right direction when it comes to deciding when you quit. Here are a few red flags that should help you kick start your job search and pursue a change.

There is No Advancement

Is there nowhere to go in your company? Did you reach the end of the road for your position? If there is absolutely no possibility of advancement, it might be time to pursue a change. But before you decide just to throw in the towel, be sure that you’ve pursued all options. If they are no stones left unturned, It’s time for a change.

Management Provides No Feedback

Do you not hear from management at all? Do you only hear back when something is bad? Management teams that don’t provide feedback are alienating their top performers in a number of ways. They may think you’re doing well enough that they don’t need to talk to you, but that leaves you without any sort of encouragement either.

You’re Not Challenged

Are you bored with what you’re doing? Do they not provide additional training or any investment in you as a professional? If you’re not feeling challenged in your job, you may be frustrated and ready to find another opportunity.

Everyone Else is Quitting

Is there a mass exodus from your company? We aren’t saying that you need to be a lemming just to follow the herd leader, but if multiple people are leaving, there could be a reason why. If the hemorrhage of employees is happening for a reason, it’s best not to ignore it until it’s too late.

Frequent Company Restructuring

Is the company constantly changing direction? Do they change their branding like someone else changes an outfit? Do they move managers around from place to place frequently? This could be a sign of poor management decisions and you could want to find a more stable position with another company.

You Get a Call from a Headhunter

Maybe you hadn’t even thought about leaving. But you got a call from a recruiter who has a job that sounds perfect for you. This could be just the right change at just the right time, whether you were looking or not. Consider the opportunity and determine if it is a better fit for you than your current position.

Do you think now is the time to find a new job?

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