Skills Vs Values, Only One Can Be Taught. Which One Do You Hire?

How do you decide who to hire for your open positions? Do you hire someone who matches all the specific skills you’ve listed in the job description or do you hire based on someone’s matching core values? The truth is, only one of these factors can be taught, and it isn’t to match their values to your company’s mission. If you want to know how to make the right decision for your next open position, here are some of the things to consider when hiring for skills and values.

Soft Skills

Soft skills are talked about a lot in hiring right now. They are the intangible skills like leadership, communication, and organization. Some of these are just personal traits that people possess, but they can also be enhanced over time. Soft skills will make up the bulk of someone’s personality on the job.

Hard Skills

Hard skills are those that can definitely be taught. Someone needs to have an aptitude, but if they are driven they can learn just about any skill or process. Hard skills are things like knowledge of Microsoft Word or Excel or accounting experience.

Core Values

For something that can’t be taught, you don’t have to look any further than personal values. Sure, people can learn and change their positions over time, but if someone isn’t a fit with your corporate values, they’re not going to change enough to be a match. You can’t shoehorn someone in who isn’t a good fit.

A Balanced Approach

Ultimately, the best hiring decisions are made when you consider the whole person. Look at the skills they have that match the job. Look at how they handle things like communication and problem-solving. Each of these will play a major part in determining if they have what it takes to do the job itself. Then consider their core values and whether or not they’re a match with your company. That’s when you can hire a well-rounded employee for your organization.

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