You Were Just Canned – How You React Will Determine How Fast You Bounce Back

Your heart sinks. You heard those words from your boss’s mouth, “We have to let you go.” You may feel now like your world is ending, but we can assure you it’s not. It doesn’t feel great to get fired, but what really matters is what you do next. How you react to the news will determine how fast you can bounce back. Here are practical steps you can use to move on.

Try to Stay Positive

It can be the hardest thing you do, but try to stay positive. If you have to, take a couple of days to grieve but then shake yourself off and pick yourself up. It’s been proven that positive people are hired quicker than their negative counterparts. Positivity is contagious, too, so keep your chin up and know that someone else is just around the corner.

Take Care of Business

Make sure you take care of any important business right away. If your company offers severance, do whatever you need to get things set up. If you plan to apply for unemployment, do that right away. It can be an unpleasant experience, so get it over with. You may also need to look into options for health insurance while you’re out of work. Other options for you may include applying with a staffing agency to help you find your next job or keep you busy with temp work.

Consider How to Handle It in the Future

Your next hurdle is deciding how to handle being let go in interviews. You can’t let this experience be a negative influence on your search, so think ahead for a way to position yourself with new employers. Your script will be different depending on the circumstances. If you were laid off, you could tell them that you were caught up in their latest rounds of layoffs, and while it was disappointing, you’re looking forward to future opportunities. If you were fired, keep it simple. Let them know it wasn’t a good fit for you, but now you understand what would work better based on the things you learned. Always keep your answers short and simple.

Update Your Online Presence

Next, make sure your online information is up to date and professional. That starts with LinkedIn, which is the most commonly used professional networking tool online. Update your profile and make sure it’s complete. Take a look at your headline and photo and refresh it if necessary. But don’t forget your other public profiles. Twitter is public, so make sure that you have a professional presence in case a potential employer decides to take a look.

Retool Your Resume

Finally, now is the time to look at your resume. Make sure it has the most up to date information and showcases your accomplishments that are relevant to your job search. Research resume formats to determine if what you’ve been using will continue to serve you. Many companies like more functional resume styles today, not just a chronological list of employers. You want your resume to stand out.

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