Direct Hire With Meador Staffing

As a business owner or manager, when you think about working with a staffing agency, what first comes to mind? You’re probably thinking about how to incorporate short term temporary employees into your workforce. But did you know that staffing agencies, like Meador, have specialized teams to work with you to source and submit direct hire candidates for your permanent openings? But why would you choose to work with an agency over recruiting for these roles in-house? Here are some advantages of partnering with Meador on direct hire positions.

Free Up Your Time

You have a very important job. You have a business to run. And while hiring is a part of your business, it is an intense process that takes up a lot of time. Who does your job when you’re focused on hiring new associates for your company?

Instead, you can partner with an expert organization whose sole intention is to help companies source, interview, and hire the best local candidates.

Access to Passive or Other Hard to Find Candidates

You already know that recruiting takes up a lot of time. Add to that the difficulty in finding candidates with particular specialized experience who are looking for work, it can feel like a Sisyphean task.

But recruiters with local staffing agencies have resources. They know exactly how to access passive candidates and make them interested. When you make any specific request about experience or education, your recruiter can work hard on your behalf to find you the best-qualified candidates for your jobs.

Managed Screening and Vetting Process

It isn’t just the sourcing of candidates that takes time. To qualify a potential candidate, you need to ensure that they are properly screened and vetted. That process can be different for every employer.

At the very least, you need to know they have the background and credentials required for the role. You also need to check references. In some cases, a criminal background check or drug testing are required before a hiring decision can be made. These are a lot of moving parts, and it’s much better to rely on an expert to ensure that everything is handled correctly.

60-day Guarantee on New Hires

Since you probably haven’t considered working with a staffing company to help you with your direct hire needs, what added value will you get from this arrangement? Along with all the things we’ve mentioned already, did you know that Meador Staffing offers a 60-day guarantee on new hires?

This allows you to avoid the high cost of a bad hire by allowing Meador to monitor your new employee’s first 60 days and offer a replacement if this employee doesn’t meet your expectations. This helps your long-term investment and gives you peace of mind.

Do you have questions about direct hire recruiting?

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