51st Anniversary Open Letter from CEO, Ben Meador


It is a truly amazing that it has been 51 years since we left a very comfortable and secure position with a major chemical company to start a personnel staffing company.  With few resources, a rotary dial telephone and a big chief notepad (you have heard that story too many times).  Some of our friends thought we were crazy.

These past 51 years have been filled with the usual peaks and valleys that every business has to contend with.  We have had many joys and also have experienced our share of disappointments, but the thing we cherish most is the dedication and commitment of the many employees who have contributed to our success over the years.  They have been the difference-makers in the life or our company and in the lives of the many they have served over the years.  Loyalty and commitment is something that seems to be disappearing in the times we are living today, but we are thankful that these attributes continue to be prevalent in our organization.

I have been blessed to have a life partner in Janice who has also been a fantastic business partner.  She has been involved in every aspect of what we have done over the years and much credit goes to her for any success we have enjoyed.  It is also gratifying to have Melinda, Trey, Ryan and Morgan be involved in Meador Staffing.  Their talents and abilities will build on the firm foundation and they will establish their own credibility and reputation.  I am confident they, with the help of all of our employees, will take the company to another level in the years ahead.  That will be fun to observe.

There are times when we may be called to do things we are unsure that we are capable of doing until God reminds us that He has equipped us to do those things if we follow His principles.  If we abide deeply then we can achieve greatly.  Remember that those who can see the invisible can achieve the impossible.

We join you in celebrating our 51st birthday.  Be encouraged to continue to live our core values, stay true to our convictions, always act with integrity and have a thankful heart for all of the opportunities that we have to live in this great country and be part of this great industry.

I recall in speaking to our employees at our 10th company anniversary in 1978.  I closed with this statement, “Stay with us because the best is yet to come.”   I still believe that.

Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas!

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