Arms Dealer Company – Case Study

Pearland office initially met with a local arms dealer client to discuss additional workforce for the Labor Day holiday in August. We presented the client with a retention strategy in which we would increase the temp’s base pay after their training day.

  • Incentivize our temps to return to their assignment during the height of the holiday.

Our client loved this idea and asked Meador for 5 temporary workers for Labor. We were able to:

  • yield 100% participation for the Labor Day Assignment and,
  • All 5 of the workers received excellent reviews.

Because of the initial success we had with the client and the strong candidates we provided them previously, we met with the client regarding their Black Friday sales. The strategy for this assignment was slightly different and included two training days for the three week assignment.

Utilizing our partnerships with:

  • local Chambers of Commerce
  • TWC
  • Workforce Solutions
  • Social Media

We began our search for the 30 workers they were requesting. After thorough interviews and our screening process,  we were able to secure the 30 workers needed with 7 additional on standby if needed. To follow through with the success of our workers, we had a dedicated Meador employee on site to help facilitate their on-boarding and answer any questions they had.

Our dedication to the client, follow through from providing the workers and ensuring their success is what allows Meador to stand out against other staffing agencies. Contact our team today to see how we can help your business when more hands are needed!

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