General Workplace Safety Tips For New Hires

The pressure is on. With deadlines and quotas approaching before the end of the year, along with personal holiday stress, you may be feeling a great weight on your shoulders. Even considering productivity and efficiency, the workplace must also focus on safety for all employees, including new hires. While much of the burden is on the employer to keep their environment safe, there are some action employees should take. If you’re starting a new job, it may be helpful to remember general safety tips for a happier and healthier workplace this holiday season.

General Precautions

It’s important to note at all times that your general safety is always your responsibility. Don’t engage in unsafe behaviors, be alert on the job, follow procedures, and take responsibility for your actions. If you cause a problem, solve it. If you see a problem happening, say something. Always be attentive to the possibilities around you.

Team Effort

While your company should be training your entire team on safety protocol, you can also take a leadership role in the process. Be sure to focus on communication and training. Educate others when you see an opportunity. If you see a safety hazard, don’t ignore it. Let your manager or supervisor know right away so the problem can be solved quickly.

Safe Lifting

Lifting can be one of the most hazardous activities on the job. In warehouse and production environments, lifting is common, and safe lifting procedures should be part of the training. However, even the office-oriented employees aren’t immune to injuries caused by improper lifting. Why? Because they don’t receive the same kind of training their general labor counterparts do in terms of safety.

Safe Machine Use

The same is true for machine use, especially when it comes to new employees. Without orientation on the safe use of any equipment, new employees shouldn’t be operating machines. If you have not been adequately trained, bring this to the attention of management. Be diligent about safety because the risk isn’t worth it.

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