Side Gigs and Their Place On Your Resume

It seems like everyone today has a side hustle. It’s not at all uncommon to work an extra gig or two in conjunction with a full-time job to make some extra money on the side. Or it could be a passion project that gives you all the good feels when you’re working on it. Whatever the case for you, how do you put your side gig on your resume? Or do you include it at all? Here are some tips for including, or excluding, your side hustle.

Do you Have a Job Gap?

Throughout your career, have you had any time where you weren’t working your full-time job? Adding a side gig to a resume can help fill that gap and showcase that you keep busy even when you’re not at a 9 to 5. You can shift your resume focus from strictly chronological to focus more on your skills and accomplishments and weave your independent work in.

Does it Have Relatable Skills?

Of course, if your side gig is directly related to the job to which you’re applying, you want to include it. And chances are, your side gig does have relatable skills, even if you don’t realize it upfront. Take a look at the skills the company is looking for and determine what aspects of your experience can be described similarly.

Customize Every Resume

Here’s where it gets tricky. You really can’t have just one standard resume that you’re sending out to everyone. You need to read the job description and customize each resume for each job. That means for some; your side gig may have a more prominent role. For others, you may want to leave it out altogether. There’s no one right answer.

When to Leave it Off All Together

For the most part, you can include aspects of your side gig in your resume, even as it’s own job listing or experience description. However, there will be some cases where leaving it off will be in your best interest. If your side gig could be perceived as something that would negatively impact your ability to perform the job, don’t include it at all. If it is entirely irrelevant, such as driving for a car-sharing service, leave it off altogether.

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