STEM Talent – Addressing Skills Shortages

STEM, which stands for science, technology, engineering, and math, is promoted in our schools as top occupation choices for young people, but there is still an increased need for individuals with these specific skills. With advancements in all of these areas, we need more experienced workers with an aptitude for STEM. If you’re hiring for roles that require STEM experience, how do you address the skills shortage and attract and retain top STEM talent? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Promote Career Diversity

Some people still have the image in their brains that STEM jobs are behind the scenes where people in glasses wear lab coats. Or they’re the quirky IT person from the procedural cop shows on TV. But there is so much more to jobs that require STEM skills. Promote the diverse types of jobs you’re looking for to attract people with all different personalities.

Promoting Career Development

Individuals in today’s job market want to know more about the future. They want to have an understanding right from the start that this job will have opportunities for advancement. Since many aspects of STEM are continually changing, reinforcing continued education will be an essential part of hiring the right people.

Targeting Generation Z

While you can hire from the pool of experienced people across all generations, by focusing on the newest Generation Z to enter the workforce, you’re tapping into the latest in STEM education. That can be huge to improve your programs and even help your current team better understand the most recent science and technology in the field.

Embracing Technology

While the T in STEM stands for Technology, it is truly something that touches all aspects of business, not just things in these four categories. To attract someone with a STEM background, you need to provide access to the technology they use. They want to work with forward-thinking companies willing to embrace the latest tools available.

Are you looking for STEM employees for your business?

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