Are You Guilty Of These Social Media Blunders?

When was the last time you considered your social media presence? Is it time to clean it up a bit? Or maybe you don’t have a social media presence at all. There are a handful of social media blunders that could affect your job search. Here are some tips to improve your social media presence and help employers see who they’re hiring.

No Social Media At All

It may seem safest to avoid social media altogether, but that isn’t always the best professional option. Employers will look at your public social media profiles before making a decision, and not seeing anything will be a pretty big red flag. Even if you want to avoid the bulk of the social media platforms, take some time to complete a LinkedIn profile. It’ll help you stand out as a professional candidate and become a living resume you can pull from when you find yourself looking for work.

Inconsistent Presence

For some employers, irregular social media activity can also trigger a red flag. That doesn’t mean they want to see your post on Instagram every day, but they may look to see if you have had a significant presence in some areas of social networking. Again, LinkedIn can be the best platform for most professionals. Don’t just complete your profile, follow others, ask for recommendations from former bosses or coworkers, and participate in group discussions.

Inappropriate Content

Probably the single most significant problem people have with their social media presence is the existence of inappropriate content. For example, even if you have your Facebook profile locked down with your privacy settings, your profile picture, and cover image are still visible for everyone. If those depict you in an inappropriate or unprofessional way, an employer may use that information to make a hiring decision. Look at all of your public social media and make sure it is consistently professional.

Lack of Professional Research

Finally, the last way in which you can miss a big opportunity through social media is to use it to research potential employers as well. Start by checking out the company on LinkedIn. Do they have a strong presence? Are current and former employees on the platform? Does the hiring manager or HR representative have their profile completed and use it to interact with others online? You can find out a lot about the organization that way and feel more prepared for your next interview.

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