5 Ways to Speed Up the Hiring Process

Do you want to hire faster this year? When jobs take a long time to fill, productivity decreases, and your remaining employees might feel overworked. So, speeding up the process while still maintaining the right quality of hire is essential for your staffing plans this year. Here are five ways you can speed up the process.

Communicate Constantly

Your candidates want to hear from you. If not, they feel like they’ve been ghosted and will drop off. Make sure you maintain constant communication throughout the process to ensure that all of your top candidates understand where they are. When someone doesn’t get the job, be sure to talk to them and keep them in mind for other opportunities.

Maintain Integrity

You also want to stay consistent with your core values throughout the process. When you hire a potential employee, you want them to be a match for your corporate culture and mission. To make the right hire, you need to be consistent with your company’s values and integrity. Be kind, be bold, and be thorough.

Know Your Hiring Goals

It’s also helpful to understand your hiring goals before you start the process. Many managers find themselves in trouble when they determine that they’ll “know it when they see it.” But that can be a problem and lead to poor hiring decisions. Instead, sit down and consider your must-haves and nice to haves before creating a job description and reviewing resumes.

Use Technology

Today, there are so many ways to make the application process easier and bring in top candidates faster. Do you have your online application optimized for mobile? So many people access the internet exclusively through their smartphones that their interaction needs to be easy ad smooth. Even great candidates will drop out if they find that the online application process is too complicated.

Call Your Staffing Partner

Finally, you can speed up your staffing process by partnering with a professional recruiter to help you find the right candidates for your open job. A staffing partner can work with you to determine your needs, both long and short term. They will also pre-screen candidates and present only the best-qualified individuals for your jobs.

Are you ready to make great hires this year?

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