Key Mental Health Benefits Your Candidates Want

Your employees’ mental health impacts their performance just as much as their skills and their interest. Today, more employers are focusing on the positive benefits of paying attention to mental health on the job. It’s about more than just reducing stress, which can cause physical problems, like stroke or heart disease, as well. Here are the key mental health benefits your candidates want when joining your company.


Stress can impact an employee when they don’t feel like they’re able to commit as much time to their personal lives as they do to their jobs. For example, parents of small children may want to be able to take their kids to work and be home with them. Or individuals caring for older or ailing parents may need time off for appointments. Regardless of why they need flexible time, it’s a good idea to offer it so people can leave early or come in late when necessary. As long as work goals are being met, this shouldn’t impact your operations.

Targeted Health Insurance

For many people, it helps to have health insurance options that cover a variety of wellness initiatives. Anything from counseling to alternative therapies has been shown to help people reduce stress, but your employees are less likely to pursue these options of health insurance doesn’t provide for this type of care.

A Safe Workplace

Stress can come from a lot of directions. Safety on the job is one of those things. Not only does this mean they need to be physically safe from hazards, but also emotionally safe. Make sure that you have a zero-tolerance for bullying, harassing, or abusive behavior in the workplace. Your employees need to be comfortable talking to you when they have these concerns.

Mental Wellness Programs

When you offer specific programs to encourage positive mental health, your employees see you as an ally to reducing their stress, not the source of it. Bring in speakers to talk about relaxation, meditation, or ways to reduce stress at home or on the job. Provide access to these things for free and make it easy to attend.

Community Engagement

Did you know that volunteering offers many physical and mental health benefits? One way to encourage a positive mental health outlook in your company is by facilitating activities that provide your team with the ability to give back. Create a volunteer day activity. Pay for volunteer work. Ask your team for ideas of causes in the area to support.

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