Employee Spotlight: Aly Rojas

Company role: Contract Staffing Recruiter located in our Pasadena office

Favorite quote: “Our Deepest Fear Is Not That We Are Inadequate. Our Deepest Fear Is That We Are Powerful Beyond Measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us”

What do you like about working at Meador?: I like working for a company who cares about their employees and the community so much, I believe that we truly come to work to make a difference not only in our clients lives but our candidates as well.

Did you go to college? Were you involved in anything? : I graduated from the University of Houston- Victoria in December of 2018 with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. I was involved in Student Government Association where I was the Speaker of the Senate for three years my fellow classmates and I co-wrote the Alma Mater.

Below is a picture of Aly and with his family. Lucky to have you on our team, Aly!

Meet Aly Rojas




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