I Quit! – How NOT To Give Your Resignation

It’s okay to decide a job is not for you. But how you quit that job will have an impact on your career for the rest of your life. So whether you’ve just started a job that’s not a good fit or massive changes in your company have made a long term job no longer right for you, there is a right and wrong way to quit. Here is what not to do and how to resign the right way.

Never Burn Bridges

When you burn bridges, you avoid any possibility of a positive connection with that person or company in the future. You may think it’s a good idea at the time and that you’ll never want to be in touch with them again. But the world is small, and as soon as you burn someone else, you create a spider web of negativity that can affect you throughout your career. Don’t go out in a blaze of glory.

Don’t Make a Grand Gesture

By a blaze of glory, we mean you should avoid the grand gesture. We’ve seen them go viral on social media, and they can be funny and effective, but they can have far-reaching consequences that aren’t always for the best. So don’t be cute for the sake of being cute. Don’t bring in a cake that reads “I quit.” Don’t stand up on a desk and make an announcement like they do in the movies. Quitting in real life should be a less dramatic exit.

Do Write a Formal Letter

What you should do is write a formal resignation letter. In the days before you plan to give your notice, write down the clear and concise reasons you’re moving on. Even if you’re unhappy in the job, try to keep the letter positive and gracious. If there are specific concerns, you can address them but do it constructively. But most of the time, write the date of your departure, a short description of why you’re leaving, and an expression of gratitude for the experience.

Do Talk Directly to Your Boss

Even with a formal letter in hand, it’s a best practice to speak directly to your boss. If you have to, schedule a meeting with them to ensure that you can talk to them one-on-one without interruption. It’s not advisable to send a resignation letter through email or leave it on the boss’s desk and walk out. There may be a few reasons you can’t meet with them directly. If that’s the case, give them a call and tell them before sending your resignation over email.

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