Are Your Job Listings Just Ho-Hum?

Are the resumes you’re getting boring? Do they make you want to yawn and take a nap? The resumes you receive are a direct response to the job posting you published, so if your posting is only ho-hum, the resumes will be as well. You can avoid boring candidates by creating less boring job descriptions to attract the top talent in your area and industry. Before you post your next job online, consider these ways to make your job listings stand out.

Show Excitement

If you’re not excited about every job in your company, it will show in the job descriptions. From the most basic entry-level role to executive positions, use the same enthusiasm to describe what you want and what you’re looking for in a candidate. What do you love about your company? Tell that to potential employees. And show that you’re excited to bring someone on board who can provide the skills you need.

Make Impact with the First Statement

How you begin the job posting will set the tone for the whole thing. Just like the first lines of a cover letter or resume, you want to create interest so people will keep reading. Don’t be so over the top that you accomplish exactly the opposite. Instead, look for an attention-grabbing headline the communicates the most important thing about the job or your company.

Include Important Information

Of course, your job description or posting needs to be informational as well. You need to communicate the skills you’re looking for without making it read like a grocery list. Share the general qualifications, the must-haves, and the nice-to-haves. Provide the salary range so you can focus on candidates who are qualified but also a realistic fit.

Personalize It

Okay, this sounds like an impossible task, but stick with us. Personalize the job description by making it inviting to apply. There are a variety of ways you can make it more personal such as including a link to your company website to show off the office culture. Or you can include the LinkedIn profile of the recruiter, so they know who they’ll talk to in the next steps. This helps humanize the process, so they don’t think their resume will get lost in the shuffle.

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