Acquire Top Talent With A Great Employee Referral Program

Good people refer to good people. Have you thought about creating a formal referral program to give your employees a way to recommend their connections for jobs in your company? It can be a great way to source new talent for your business. When you incentivize the referral process the right way, your team is more likely to ensure that their recommendations are top quality. Here are a few great ideas to help you implement an employee referral program.

Tie the Bonus to Performance

One concern companies have about providing a bonus is that employees will refer individuals to get the cash without worry about their qualifications. You can solve this easily by tying the employee bonus to the new employee performance. If the interview and prescreening process go well, hire the new employee but don’t pay the complete bonus right away. You can elect to pay a partial bonus and the rest after 30 or 60 days on the job. Or you can hold out to pay once the new employee has been around for a while. Whatever you choose, be sure to formalize the process, so everyone knows what to expect.

Hire For Different Departments

Your employees’ friends and family members may be good at what they do, but they can also be distracting if they’re all working together. It can happen anywhere, so your job is to keep that to a minimum. Many companies have a policy that referrals can’t work in the same department as the referring employee.  That way, you can also tap into a wide variety of talents for all areas of your business.

Allow Suggestions

Of course, you may not be actively hiring when an employee approaches you with a name for a referral. Even when you’re not actively recruiting, accept recommendations. Meet with individuals who have been referred to you. You never know where that meeting can take you. You may decide that it’s a perfect fit and figure out a way to hire them. Or you may hold onto their information for when a position opens up.

Get Creative with Rewards

Money isn’t the only motivator your employees have. Offer a gift or an experience that will have more value than just the money included in a bonus. Fund a cause of the employees choosing to showcase your commitment to the community. Or you can reward with an extra day off or the option to work remotely. This will not only create a culture where your employees want to refer qualified friends and acquaintances, but it can also win over the talent themselves.

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