Career Spotlight: Administrative Assistant Jobs in Houston Texas

For a lot of people today, a job search is on the horizon. And many are looking at opportunities outside of some of the most volatile industries. Is a new career as an administrative assistant right for you? What does an admin assistant do on the job every day? What do they need to succeed? And, most importantly, what are the job prospects in the Houston and Austin areas? Let’s take a closer look.

Necessary Skills

Administrative assistants are support roles for a wide variety of managers, executives, and departments. That means they need to bring to the table all of the essential skills to support smooth operations. Necessary skills include:

  • Work with technology such as spreadsheets and documents
  • Excellent communication
  • Time management
  • Attention to detail

Job Prospects in Texas Cities

While some positions may be on hold for the next few months, support staff are critical to the continued production of many companies. Administrative support roles are also often seen as a transitional position. Many people accept these jobs intending to advance within a company. That means there will always be openings for new employees to take on these duties.

Expected Pay Range

There is a very wide range of pay rates for administrative support roles. Entry-level administrative assistants can start anywhere around $12 to $15 per hour in the Houston area. More experienced administrative personnel can earn annual salaries as high as $60,000 or more depending on the role, who they’re supporting, and the industry.

Steps to Find an Administrative Support Job

If you think an administrative assistant position is a good fit for your skills and background, how do you start looking for a job? The first step is to create a resume that focuses on the experience that showcases your administrative skills. It’s also advisable to apply with a local staffing agency in the Houston area. Recruiters have wide networks and can help you find the right job in the right location.

Are you looking for an administrative assistant job in Houston TX?

Contact Meador Staffing today and speak with one of our recruiters, you may have transferable skills to get your foot in the door as an administrative assistant.  If you already have the experience and are looking for a new role, browse our listings and apply online.




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