How Has Meador Staffing Handled COVID-19


We have been extremely fortunate to be an essential business during the pandemic. From day one, our focus has been on our employees and our clients. Below are just a few points on how we have stayed in communication while working remotely. In a strange way this distance has brought our employees closer and we’ve solidified how we are #MeadorTogether

  • Immediately put together a task force to ensure safety and survival
  • Created a safety policy for our staff and workforce
  • Held daily meetings with our leadership team
  • Provided opportunities for everyone to work remotely
  • Created a web space to keep customers and employees informed of up to date information regarding the virus
  • Hosted weekly webinars for legal, mental health, parental teaching, and general information during this difficult time
  • Host weekly internal Town Hall meetings because we are #MeadorTogether
  • Each branch held internal check-ins to keep the team united
  • Hosted HR specific Coffee and Conversations via Zoom so that like-minded professionals could have a candid outlet to check in and share information
  • Created a return to work plan in advance of government mandates
  • Keep the information flowing through our shared Google docs, webpage, and internal communications
  • Informed all of our workforce about their rights under the new Families First Coronavirus Response Act
  • Informed clients of our safety policy and provided links for them to implement and create one of their own
  • Communicated with clients about what we were doing and inquired about their plans
  • Created creative pricing strategies for clients to keep their employees working
  • Blessed High School Seniors with encouraging cards and gift cards
  • Maintained close relationships with local chambers and organizations to help our communities

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