Common Management Mistakes to Avoid In the Office (or Working from Home)

No one planned for this new normal of working entirely from home. Given the situation, a lot of managers are winging it and doing a great job. But there are a lot of management mistakes that can happen, both in the office and when working from home, that you want to avoid. Don’t let things get out of hand. Knowing the biggest mistakes and how to avoid them will help you be a great manager while your employees are looking to you as the leader. Here are some common mistakes managers make.

Not Having Defined Goals

Regardless of the working situation, it’s imperative that you have defined goals and can communicate those to your team. In light of the current situation, know that those goals may need to be flexible, but you should still establish them and then revisit along the way. Goals should be actionable and realistic.

Not Listening to Feedback

Your employees have valuable input. If you don’t listen to them, you may be cutting off your nose to spite your face. Good leaders will listen to what employees have to say and incorporate feedback into the workplace to positively impact the company culture. Now, more than ever, listen to your employees for ways you can help them as they transition to a new normal.

Not Providing Feedback

At the same time, it’s important to provide feedback as well. When an employee is not performing up to your expectations, you can’t just hope things work themselves out in the end. You need to let them know and provide them with the tools they need to improve.


While we thought that micromanagement would go away as more professionals began working from home, ineffective leaders still find a way to breathe down their employees’ necks. Instead, trust that you’ve hired good, qualified people to do their jobs and believe in the results, not necessarily the processes.

Lack of Gratitude

Never forget to be thankful for your team. Good leaders create a culture of gratitude in the workplace, and that goes more than double now. Thank your employees for the hard work they’re doing. Thank them for making this difficult transition and working hard for you. When you thank your employees for being there, they will begin to spread gratitude throughout their work and their lives as well.

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