Career Spotlight: Forklift Operator (What They Do, Training They Need, and More)

Things haven’t been normal for a while, and that’s understandable. And as the world begins to regain a semblance of normalcy, warehouse operations are going to continue to need experienced forklift drivers. In fact, throughout the COVID-19 crisis, many warehouses were considered essential workers. If you think forklift driving is a good fit for your career, here are a few things you need to know.

Training Needed

In most cases, training to drive a forklift is provided by employers. The basic requirements in most states are that a person is at least 18 years old, and many companies require either a high school diploma or GED. Some more specialized jobs, such as moving hazardous materials, will require additional training and certification. Otherwise, a company will provide the necessary training on the forklifts, and retraining will occur regularly.

How to Get Experience

Because training is provided by employers in most cases, the best way to get experience is to apply for warehouse jobs where forklift training is available. If you demonstrate an aptitude and interest in learning, most employers will see the value in training you for these specialized jobs. Once you have the experience, finding another forklift job will become easier as necessary.

Forklift Safety

Working on and around forklifts requires strict adherence to safety protocol. You will be provided a safety orientation in any warehouse position, including how to be safe near or while operating a forklift. It’s also encouraged that you continue to learn forklift safety and reinforce safety for yourself and others within any warehouse environment.

Average Salary in Texas

For an entry-level forklift driver in the Houston Area, the average starting pay rate is around $13 per hour. As you gain experience, you can qualify for higher pay depending on the particular company and the work you do day-to-day. The median annual salary for a forklift driver in Houston is about $38,000.

Find a Forklift Job

Do you think driving a forklift would be a good career move for you? Or do you have forklift experience and want to find a great company to work with? The first step is to connect with a staffing agency. Recruiters have an established network of warehouse businesses they work with and can help you find the right fit in your community.

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