The Untruths of Temp Work

There are a lot of myths surrounding the temporary staffing industry. For as long as temp work has been a thing, there have been misconceptions about what it is and how it works. And today, when staffing agencies can be the best resource for someone looking for a new position, it’s imperative that we shift the narrative to showcase how recruiters can be a job seeker’s best ally. Here are some of the common temporary job myths.

You Can’t Find a Permanent Job.

Many people believe that temporary work is strictly short-term jobs. They may be warehouse or administrative positions but only for a finite time. However, many companies utilize staffing agencies to help them find talent for a variety of jobs and will invest the time in the temporary part of the assignment to ensure they know, trust, and like working with the new employee. Client companies hire many people from temp assignments.

It’ll Cost You Money.

As a job seeker, working with a temporary staffing agency will never cost you money. If you’re asked to pay, you need to walk away. A staffing agency works by partnering with their client companies. The client is responsible for the fees to the agency, so the job seeker is never in a position to pay. That also means you’re not getting a reduced pay rate. The job pays what it pays, the client company is simply paying administrative costs to the staffing agency throughout the time you’re working with them.

You’re Just a Number to the Recruiter.

Many people believe that recruiters just want to build their stable of candidates without any regard for the needs of each job seeker. That employees are just numbers to the staffing agencies. But that’s not true. The recruiter only makes money when they place a qualified employee on the job, so they’re just as invested in your success as you are.

They’re Only for Entry-Level Workers.

Another misconception is that temporary work is only for entry-level jobs, but that’s not the case at all. Many companies will work with staffing agencies for jobs at all levels, from entry to executive, to find just the right candidate and work with them on a trial basis before making a hiring decision. There are also staffing agencies that specialize in a variety of specific roles, so you can always find one that’s a match for you.

Staffing Agencies are All the Same.

The most important thing to note is that not all staffing agencies are the same. You can apply with multiple agencies as well because they may all have different potential opportunities. What’s most important is that you build a relationship with your recruiter and have a sense of trust in the work they’re doing to help you find your next job.

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