How You Know it’s Time to Hire

There are so many moving parts when it comes to hiring. That has never been more apparent than right now as our economy struggles to keep up during the COVID-19 crisis. How do you know when the time is right to hire? And how do you plan now for future hiring? There are some signs you can watch for, so let’s take a closer look.

Your Employees or Customers are Telling You.

Your employees may not explicitly state they need additional help, but you can watch their production and stress levels and get an idea. If they’re struggling to meet demand, it’s not because they’re underperforming, it’s because they need additional help. Your customers may also be able to clue you in on your needs to hire more if they have complaints about timeframes or quality.

You’re Missing Important Deadlines.

Many businesses are deadline-driven, and if you’re struggling to meet those, you could need additional help. You can’t look at these problems as the failings of your current team. When your team is struggling, they want to do a good job, and they just can’t maintain infinite volumes of work. If you’re missing deadlines, look at how additional employees can help lessen the burden.

You Have to Turn Down Work.

Many business professionals say that when you have to turn down work, you must be doing something right. And true, it could be a measure of success that you have more demand than you can meet. But what if you could make a simple decision and meet that demand? If you hire just one or two more employees, you may have the ability to accept that work. It’s essential to look at the budget. Would hiring these new employees balance out in the additional revenue you’ll receive?

You Need Someone with New Skills.

Sometimes, your hiring plan isn’t about more productivity; it’s about news skills. Is your company falling behind in some measure? This could be financially minded employees, employees with good organizational skills, social media experts, and more. If you do not have someone with these skills on your team, you may need to make a new hiring decision.

You’re Preparing for the Seasonal Rush.

For some businesses, production increases seasonally. If your company relies on seasonal hires, you shouldn’t wait until the last minute to plan your hiring strategy. Working with a staffing provider and making a hiring plan ahead of the seasonal rusk will help you ramp up and hire the right people at the right time to ensure your seasonal production runs smoothly.

Do you need to hire right now?

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