Why Is It So Important to Get Back to Work?

Like so many of us, we’re tired of hearing the words “uncertain” and “unprecedented.” We understand that things are not the same as they were the day we turned the calendar page to 2020. A lot of workers have found themselves unemployed, and the CARES act provided additional support during this time. But why is it important to get back to work? It may be tempting to wait it out, but getting back to work now will have a lasting impact on your career. Here are a few of the reasons you should get back to work.

Be the First to be Considered

Our high unemployment rates are troubling, but that means there are some opportunities you can take advantage of in this climate. If others are waiting to see what happens with their unemployment, you may have a chance at landing your dream job. Send your resume now, and you’ll be one of the first potential candidates to be considered before hiring picks up again across the board.

Use Transferable Skills

Now is also a great time to pivot and use your skills to land the job you’ve always wanted. Not only will you be considered first, but you can also be considered even if you don’t bring an exact match of skills to the table. This is all about positioning the experience you do have to let a company know that your transferable skills can benefit the employer. Take time to review your resume and craft a cover letter that shows that you’re the best candidate.

Have a More Flexible Career Opportunity

The world has changed a lot since COVID-19 began spreading around the globe. Companies that didn’t consider remote work were forced to provide work from home tools and transition quickly. Some companies have even found the process can save money and their employees are more productive. If you want a more flexible career opportunity, seek out organizations that made this change.

Keep Your Skills Fresh

Even if you accept short term work with the possibility of long-term gain, working now will also have the added benefit of keeping your skills fresh. While a resume gap will be understandable, and almost expected, during this time, working will give you an edge over your competition. Employers will see that you were able to stay active and engaged with your career.

Are you ready to get back to work?

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