How to Make Your Employees Feel Safe at Work

There’s an entirely new conversation about safety in the workplace happening today. Discussions on hazards have shifted to include the transmission of the novel coronavirus. Employers must make current team members and potential employees feel safe on the job in a post-COVID-19 word. Here are a few things you can implement as you begin to reopen your company.

Offer Virtual Interviews

To mitigate risk for potential employees, offer online interview options. There is no reason an employee needs to come into the office before they begin work in today’s connected world. Begin with phone screens. Once you’ve narrowed down your top candidates, do a face to face video interview using a service such as Zoom. To give potential candidates a chance to see the office environment, create a video tour of your facility, and conduct interviews with other staff members to share what they like about working with your company.

Virtual Onboarding and Training

Similarly, onboarding and training can also be handled remotely. Several services provide the ability for new employees to complete paperwork, such as tax and I-9 forms, online using an E-signature program. You can also provide training for the job through private online courses and connecting them to their supervisor to answer questions. Once they’ve completed the orientation and training program, they’re ready to start in the office or remotely, depending on your company’s current status.

Share Your PPE and Social Distancing Measures Up Front

Transparency is always the key to increasing comfort levels for those in your office. This is true for your employees as well as any clients or customers who may come into your space. If you haven’t already created a safety policy based on COVID-19 recommendations, now is the time to do that. Put that new policy in writing and post it around the office and share it with your team regularly.

Communication, Communication, Communication

Throughout the process, from interviewing to onboarding, be sure to maintain proper levels of communication with your candidates. For example, even if a candidate isn’t going to get the job, be sure to follow up with them promptly and let them know. This way, they’re not waiting on you and can move on in their job search. It also allows you to keep them in mind for future positions for which they may be better suited.

Health Screenings for Employees

You can also take safety to the next level for as long as we’re struggling with the reality of COVID-19. Until a vaccine is widespread and effective, or herd-immunity is achieved, many people are concerned about the rates of infection, whether it’s for themselves or a high-risk loved one. You can provide additional health screenings for employees, such as taking their temperature before shifts, to ensure that no one on staff is symptomatic.

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