“Winning” Your Virtual Interview

Are you ready for your virtual interview? So many companies are transitioning to remote work or just handling the hiring process away from the office. If you’re asked to have a phone or video interview today, are you prepared? Before you schedule that meeting, here are a few pointers that can help you ace your remote interview and land your next job.

Prepare a Quiet Space

The most important thing for a virtual interview is a lack of disruptions. Don’t take the interview in the hub of your home where you will be distracted by others. This includes children, your spouse, or even pets. If you have an office space, choose that. Pick a room where you can close the door and everyone knows not to disturb you while you’re on the call.

Dress for the Job

You may think that a virtual interview doesn’t have to be as formal as a face-to-face interview, but that is incorrect. You should dress just like you would for the interview if you were arriving at the office. Of course, you may only need to pay as much attention to the top half of your body that will appear on camera, but putting on your entire suit will also put you in the right mindset.

Test Your Tech

Never go into a virtual interview without testing your technology. If they use Zoom, for instance, try out the service online with a friend or family member to make sure your camera and audio work properly. You may also want to test it out with different devices. You may find that your phone has the best microphone and video combination, so you’ll want to figure out how to set that up correctly. Or you may find that the entire thing works better if you use earbuds.

Pay Attention to Your Background

Another thing to consider when doing a virtual meeting is your background. A neutral background is always best.  Set your camera up to see what it looks like against plain walls or other backgrounds in your home. If you’re unable to maintain a professional background, tools like Zoom offer the ability to add a virtual background, which can work but be sure your computer processor can handle it or else you’ll have strange effects. Also, position a light source behind the camera facing you to have the best lighting for the video.

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