Low-Cost Perks That Can Attract Top Talent

The workplace is changing, and that means you need to consider new ways to attract talent to your company. This is especially true if your business model has changed to include more remote working arrangements. That also means you may be working with a tighter budget, so what are some low-cost perks you can consider offering to attract top talent? Let’s take a closer look.

Flexible Work Schedules

There has never been a time where more flexible work schedules have been as important as today. People realize that the same amount of work can get done efficiently and effectively without adhering to a strict 8 to 5 schedule. Providing flexibility with a results-oriented work culture can attract top talent to your business.

Specific Days Off

As an added benefit, offering additional days off besides federal holidays can be a great bonus for your team. Companies are providing regular days off on their employee’s birthday, so the employee doesn’t have to burn a Paid Time Off day to enjoy their birthday at home with friends and family.

Free Lunch Fridays

Whether your team is working in the office or remotely, consider free lunch Fridays. You can bring lunch in for your team every Friday. Or you can provide a gift card or online ordering process for your at-home employees to enjoy this perk.

Casual Fridays in the Office

If your team is working in the office, consider casual Fridays. Some companies take this a step further to promote fundraising. They allow employees to raise money by contributing a dollar or more to a fund in exchange for wearing jeans on Fridays.

Commuting Assistance

If you live in a city with reliable public transportation, consider giving your team vouchers or discounts on rides so they can take advantage of the services to and from work. You can also offer more creative solutions, such as car-pool exchanges.

Tuition Assistance

A lot of new employees fresh out of college are struggling with student loan debt. If you want to attract top talent, consider ways you can offer tuition assistance. This can help employees feel a sense of loyalty to your company and also give them a sense of ownership over their work.

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