Finding Work When the Unemployment Rate is High

The speed at which the job market changed in 2020 was unprecedented. As people were asked to stay home to help contain the spread of the novel coronavirus, many companies were forced to lay off large groups of employees. Entire sectors of the economy saw massive changes, and people were facing unemployment en masse. The CARES Act put provisions in place to help displaced workers, but unemployment is never a long-term fix. When unemployment is high like it is today, what are the right and wrong ways to look for a job? Here are some tips to get you back to work. 

Don’t Blindly Send an Email 

Job seeking is not a numbers game. And anyone who tells you it is could be giving you bad advice. Sure, if you blindly email 50 employers, you may be one response back. But that also means 49 of the people you emailed are not interested. Instead, focus your applications on the jobs you want the most. Create a targeted job search and talk with a Meador Staffing Consultant on which jobs you truly would have a passion for.  

Use Social Media Wisely 

The same is true for social media. You may not want to comment on every company’s posts about how you’re looking for a job, but there is a smart way to use social media. Start by following your idea companies. Once you do, you’ll see how they engage their audience. And they may add job postings regularly. Also, be sure to focus on your social media presence. Make sure every public profile paints a professional picture. 

Nurture Your Networks 

What you can do is reach out to your networks. Connect with former coworkers and colleagues to see how they’re doing during the pandemic. You simply never know where a connection can lead you in the future. While you may not be able to get together for coffee or lunch as casually as we did before, you can use online tools such as Zoom to reconnect.  At Meador staffing we ask all employees to take the time to connect and network into their communities.   

Update Your Resume 

Of course, now is the time to update your resume. When was the last time you added anything to it or updated the format? Make your resume work for you by including your professional accomplishments along with your experience. Don’t just tell an employer that you’re qualified, show them how with examples.  Meador staffing is always happy to help both employees on tips to ensure your resume puts your best foot forward.   

Utilize Job Boards 

People tend to abandon tools as soon as there is a bright and shiny new one available. That has been the case with online job boards. People think they have to find their next job through social media or their networks, but job boards are still active and still a great source for finding a new opportunity. ZipRecruiter and Indeed are the most popular. 

Apply for Seasonal or Temporary Work 

You may also think that short-term or temp work isn’t a good fit for you, but you may be missing out on great opportunities. Many temporary positions turn into long term roles once the employer gets a sense of your skills and experience. And even if they are temporary, you will demonstrate that you want to stay busy even when the market is slow. 

Are You in The job Market? 

Contact Meador Staffing today and let our expert recruiters match your skills with a great new opportunity. 


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