4 Steps to Strengthen Your Employer Brand

Perception is reality, they say, and that’s very true when it comes to your branding. How customers, and even potential employees, see your brand will affect how they interact with you moving forward. We know that showing how you care and your company culture is essential, and it can attract and retain top talent. Your social responsibility can play a big role in your employer brand. Here are some things you can do now to strengthen your brand and show you care.

Commit to Diversity

Conversations in the U.S. have focused a lot lately on racial inequality in our society. Attitudes and behaviors can be learned and adjusted, so take some time to evaluate your company’s diversity hiring initiatives. Do you have people of color in decision making roles? How have you promoted and compensated women in your company? Looking at your unconscious bias around hiring can get you started. And creating policies that reinforce diversity will only help you hire more people with different mindsets who can improve your overall company brand and lead to success.

Give Back to the Community

Many young employees have expressed that they like to work with organizations that give back to their community. They want to work in companies that offer volunteer opportunities or charitable donations. Take a look at ways you can give back to your community through a partnership with local organizations. For example, Meador Staffing is an active member working with the Salvation Army with employees allowed to take time away from the job to support this charity.   

Establish Clear Company Values

Branding is not just about your logo or colors; it’s about who you are as a company. There are a lot of factors that go a long way to communicating that to potential employees and the public. What is your company mission statement and what shared values do you have? Create a shared value statement that promotes what you and your company believe.  Make sure these values are always top of mind.  For example, if you walk the halls of Meador Staffing you can see our core values on the desks of all employees.  We also take the time to recognize employees when they take specific actions that live out our core values.   

Always Seek to Improve

Humans don’t always get things right. It’s not that you’ve failed if you don’t. What’s more important is that you can work on making constant improvements. When you learn you’ve been doing things in a harmful way, take the time to adjust and learn and move forward with a change in your policy or mindset. Candidates want to work for companies that grow and allow them the opportunity to grow. 

Do You Want to Improve Your Hiring Process?

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