Making the Most of Your Downtime During Lockdown

Sheltering in place, physical distancing, and wearing masks while in public aren’t going away for a while. With this unique kind of downtime, it might be good to reflect on your career. Where do you want to be and how can you get there? Are there skills you lack? Are you currently working but unhappy or are you laid off or furloughed? Here are some questions from Meador Staffing that you can ask yourself to get a better perspective on your career path now and in the future.   

What Are Your Career Goals?  

Now is a good time to consider if you’ve been on track or jumped the rails along the way. What did you love about your last position? Was it what you saw yourself doing 5 years ago? If money were no issue, what you would do every day? Some opportunities might be a better match for your long-term career goals, so make a list of the things you like doing and what you’re good at doing to cross-reference.   

Can You Take Virtual Training Classes?   

While sheltering in place can be overwhelming, consider the time you have that you didn’t while working full time at a workplace. For example, you no longer have that commute time to contend with, so use that 30, 40, or 60 minutes wisely. Can you benefit from these additional minutes each day? Consider taking virtual, online classes to improve specific skills or gain new knowledge that can help you in the future.   

Have You Discovered New Talents?  

Many of us have taken on new projects while at home. We may have tried our hands at artistic endeavors, started a blog, began a podcast, or any number of new quarantine hobbies. If you’re one of these people, have you discovered a new talent that you love? How can you leverage this new skill in your professional life in the future?   

How Will You Create a New Path?   

We have to be honest with ourselves. We don’t know how long this pandemic is going to last and we’re likely to face rolling shutdowns as cases spike in various areas. Whether you’re working remotely or you’re unemployed, it’s a good time to map out what you want your future to look like once we emerge from sheltering in place. What steps can you start to take right now to move you forward?   

Do you want to explore ideas for your career? 

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