Entry-Level: 5 Strategies to Advance Your Career

The entire idea of an entry-level job is to acquire the skills you need to be able to move up in an industry. This is true whether you’re just starting in an office or a warehouse position. So what can you do to ensure you have the skills and abilities you need to advance your career? Here are 5 strategies you can employ starting today.   

Define Your Success  

Success looks different to everyone, and that’s okay. What is it you want to accomplish in the next 5 or 10 years? What does success look like to you? Do you want to earn a specific amount of money? Do you want to pay off your student loans? Do you want to get specific experience in an industry that interests you? Whatever you want, make a plan to achieve that.   

Create a Timeline  

Your next step is to determine how long you want to spend gaining the skills you need to move forward. Make a realistic timeline – you may not be able to become an expert in something in only a year. Allow yourself to try new things but also re-evaluate your timeline to ensure that you are on track at various stages of your career.   

Ask for Feedback  

When you are working, don’t be afraid to ask for feedback on your performance. While your employer should offer annual reviews and raise opportunities, don’t assume they will. You have to ask for what you want and accept their constructive criticism along the way.   

Leverage Your Network  

Even if you’re happily employed, you shouldn’t settle for the status quo. This is the perfect time to build your network. Everyone you meet in the course of your work is a new connection that may be able to help you in the future. Keep in touch with people on a similar path. Connect with people online through forums such as LinkedIn.   

Develop Leadership Skills  

Even if you don’t want to be in management, leadership skills are highly sought after in the workplace. Whether you’re in an office environment or a warehouse, employers want to see workers who are willing to take charge, make decisions, and have the confidence to believe in their skills and abilities. These are leadership qualities that can help you move to the next level.   

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