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Having a Rough Day? Here’s How You Can Regroup on Your Lunch Break

Everyone has a bad day. Even the most upbeat and optimistic person you know can sometimes find themselves in a dark funk that makes them irritable and easily frustrated. If your bad day is hitting you hard, there are some things you can do to turn it around and finish your day strong. Here are some ideas we use in our office to get out of our bad mood and into a better mindset.   

Stop and Breathe  

It might be time to take a little wisdom from the yoga, mindfulness, or meditation communities. Focusing on your breathing, even for just a few moments, can help you realign and relax. If your emotions are getting the best of you, take a moment to sit up straight, close your eyes, and breathe in deep. Focus on your breath. Breathe in and count to four, breathe out slowly as you’re counting to four. Even just a few breaths will help you feel a bit better.   

Listen to Music  

It may seem like music would be distracting, but it’s been proven otherwise. Having a radio on with music that makes you feel energized and motivated can keep you on task and engaged. Choose music based on your mood. If you need something to calm you, try classical. If you need something to keep you moving, try rock and roll. When you get back to your desk, and you need to concentrate without distractions, listening to music through headphones can help you block out everything else.   

Consider another Viewpoint  

Sometimes we get stuck because we can’t think of any other way to handle a situation or a task. But that might just be the key to unlocking the problem. If you’re having a rough day, take some time on your lunch break to think about it from another angle. While you’re eating, you can ask yourself the kinds of questions a completely neutral third party might ask and consider how you would answer.   

Do Something Else for a While  

If you’re frustrated by a single task that isn’t going your way in the morning, use your lunch break to step away and then take on a completely different project when you return to your desk. Sometimes switching gears and doing something else for a while can open your mind up to reconsidering the first task in a different light. There are always other things that need to get done, so do them.   

Go Outside  

If all else fails, this tried and true method of changing your mood should help you. Simply go outside. A change of scenery can do a lot to get your mood on a different track and alter the course of your day. If you can, go for a walk where you can clear your mind for about 15 minutes. If that’s not possible, find a place to stand or sit for a few minutes to breathe deeply.   

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