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Not Looking? Go on That Interview Anyway: Here’s Why

Are you here because a Meador recruiter recently contacted you? If you weren’t looking for a job, a call from a recruiter can feel like it comes from out of the blue. Maybe we found you on LinkedIn or through a mutual connection, but that’s not what matters. You’ve been contacted because you have the skills our client need, and we want to talk to you about the opportunity. Here are a few reasons you should go on that interview with an open mind even if you weren’t planning to look for a new job.   

Keep Your Interviewing Skills Sharp  

Interviewing is a skill, which means you have to practice to get good at it. To keep your interviewing skills sharp, you need to have more interviews. Even if you’re not planning on taking a job, it’s a good idea to do the interview anyway. Practice makes perfect. When the interview is over, you can review how you did and what aspects of the interview you want to improve for the next time when it might be a job you want.   

You May be Surprised  

Of course, there is always the chance to be surprised. You may not think you want that job, and you may discover that it is an excellent fit for you after meeting the hiring manager and seeing the company. But you will never have an opportunity for a job that you don’t interview for, so you may as well give it a shot. Otherwise, the fear of missing out could be a real thing.   

Get a Chance to Understand Your Value  

Even if you’re completely satisfied with your current job, it never hurts to have validation for your talents and abilities. When interviewing for a job, even one you don’t specifically want, you will be able to see what other companies value in your background. You may even get an idea of what other jobs in the industry pay, which could help you prepare for your next annual review.   

It’s a Networking Opportunity   

Even if you don’t want the job, consider the people you might meet. Networking isn’t something you do only when you aren’t working. You never know who you’ll meet and what it could mean for you in the future. If you go to this interview now, you will have another connection available to you when you might need something again in the future. You can also refer people in your network to them when you see a match.   

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