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Why Are My New Hires So Slow?

Do you have concerns about your new hires? Are they off to a slow start? Do they seem lazy or sluggish on the job? There are a lot of reasons this may be happening. New hires sometimes don’t work out for many reasons, so it’s important to determine why. And once you do, what happens next? Here are some suggestions from the team at Meador.   

You Hired for Skill, not Potential  

When you hire, you need to make sure the person has all the right skills to do the job. That’s true, of course, but its only a piece of the puzzle. The person also needs to have the aptitude and potential to learn how your company does the work. If you only hire for skill, you may discover that people have bad habits that are difficult to shed. They may be slower to catch on when you need them to ramp up quickly.   

They Weren’t Properly Onboarded  

Another challenge for new employees is the onboarding experience. If it doesn’t take into account how different people learn, you may find that some just aren’t catching on. That isn’t necessarily a fault of the individual, but it could be a fault of how your onboarding process happens. People learn in different ways, so you need to account for that when you hire talent.   

They Don’t Fit in With the Current Team  

Sometimes when you hire a new person, there are just simple personality conflicts that can become apparent quickly. These can affect your new employee’s productivity, and even worse, impact the performance of your current team. This can be handled by ensuring that you do your homework ahead of time and hire people who fit in with your organizational structure.   

Your Expectations are Too High  

Occasionally, it’s you that has to take a step back. Your expectations of how long it takes to do the job or learn how to do the job are impacted by your years of experience. What seems self-explanatory or straightforward for you may not be as cut and dry to everyone else. It may be that your expectations are too high. If you’re struggling with new employees unable to keep up, reevaluate how you expect them to process information.   

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