Top Clerical Jobs in Houston Hiring NOW

At Meador Staffing, we see clerical needs throughout the Houston area. If you’re on the job market and looking for clerical positions, what sorts of opportunities are available? Let’s take a look at some of the clerical jobs available now and what steps you need to take to apply.  

Administrative Assistant 

Admin assistants cover a lot of ground in terms of office work. Many admins will also specialize in specific fields such as legal or medical offices. But administrative assistants, no matter the form, are always in demand. Even as the workplace landscape is changing, administrative roles are critical. Organizational skills, strong communication, and time management are essential soft skills an admin needs to bring to the table and more specific skills such as working with Microsoft Office and various specializations.  

Call Center Representative 

Many organizations rely on call center representatives to be the voice of their company for customer inquiries or problems. Here in Texas and around the country, call center reps are an essential part of doing business. While some roles are transitioning to work from home, others still rely on in-office employees. In either case, knowing how to talk on the phone, quickly pick up technology, and solve customers’ problems are the essential skills.  


Another job not going anywhere for a while is a front desk representative or receptionist. Many offices still have the phones dial into a central hub to be answered by the receptionist, who will then transfer these calls to the right person. But the role doesn’t stop there. They are also the first face visitors see when coming into the office and responsible for general office organization.  

Office Administrator 

Like an administrative assistant, an office administrator will handle several different tasks depending on their job requirements. Sometimes also referred to as an office manager, they will often be responsible for overseeing administrative professionals within the team. Along with general administrative skills, a good office administrator also needs to cultivate leadership skills.  

Data Entry 

Now more than ever, data entry is essential. Many companies are relying on what’s called Big Data, but that encompasses a lot of information. While data analysts might parse the information, it often has to be entered in more practical ways. Data entry specialists usually work in the back office and may not have customer-facing responsibilities, but their work of organizing information in a usable form is critical to success.  

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