COVID-Safe Team Building Activities

Team building activities go with office culture like peanut butter and jelly. But in 2020, we have a significant concern to contend with. The novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is still hanging around, so how do you keep your employees safe and still encourage team building activities to improve morale and keep your employees engaged. When team comradery and socially distancing are equally important, how do you find balance? Here are some great team building activities you can incorporate and adapt for your business.  

Physically Distanced Movement Games 

If you’re back in the office, one way to reinforce safe behavior and engage in teambuilding events is to practice socially distanced movement games. For example, have your team space themselves out in a large conference room, ensuring there are six feet between everyone. You can measure this out and put tape on the floor. Then ask them to move around the room while still maintaining distance. Get creative with games like lining up in alphabetical order or playing musical statues with anyone still moving when the music stop eliminated.  

Outdoor Activities 

You can do these and other activities outside. Outside is the safest place to be, and living in an area of the country with mild winters will be huge for our mental and physical health this winter. Choose non-contact activities like hosting yoga or playing lawn bowling or lawn chess.  

Ice Breakers 

Whether you’re in the office or still working remotely, icebreakers are always a fun activity that can be done while distancing from others. Choose simple games like “Picnic” where everyone names a food starting with the first letter of their name and has to remember everyone who goes before. Or you can have people play “two truths, and a lie”, and other employees have to guess which statement is the lie.  

Creative Introductions for New Employees 

During this process, always take new employee onboarding seriously. It can be challenging to start a new job at any time, but it’s more daunting right now while we have to adhere to rules meant to keep us all safe and healthy by keeping distant. When a new employee starts, have a meeting where everyone on the team can introduce themselves. You can add a fun twist like saying their name, their job title, and an interesting fact, or if they were an animal, what animal would they be, and why.  

Improve Employee Morale by Avoiding Staffing Shortages 

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