Recruit a More Diverse Workforce With These Strategies

Inclusive hiring practices are essential for a diverse workforce. But how do you navigate the rapidly changing world of diverse hiring? Diversity matters to our team at Meador Staffing, and we know that multiple backgrounds and mindsets help companies thrive and succeed. So what are the best strategies you can employ to recruit a more diverse workforce?   

Why Is Diversity Important?   

Diversity is a far broader topic than most of us think about. We sometimes consider the legal implications of diversity and include groups of people protected by employment laws. Diversity includes race, gender, disability, age, and more. But it also encompasses personality traits, skills, and life experience.    

The reason it’s important is that when we surround ourselves with only people who look and think like us, we’re missing out on the perspective that others can bring to the table. And different perspectives lead to creative innovation and long-term success.    

Tips to Revise Your Job Listings  

Your job listings may be ruling out groups of people without your knowledge. Our unconscious bias causes us to use language that is perceived in specific ways by the reader, even if that’s not your intention. For example, avoid words typically read as masculine, such as “dominate,” which will lead other genders to avoid applying. This same filter should be applied for any potential language that would dissuade diverse applicants.   

Demonstrate Your Commitment to Diversity   

Your company branding, especially on social media, also influences the decision of potential applicants. Take a look at the images you use across your website and accounts. Who is represented in these photos? Representation matters, and to hire a diverse group of people, you need to showcase that diversity is essential to your company culture. Choose images to share that include people of all ages, races, genders, and more.   

Recruit in Underrepresented Communities  

If you always fish in the same pond, you’ll catch the same fish. If you want more diverse applicants, you need to find them where they already are. Using the same job boards that result in homogenous candidates means you may have to expand to other communities to recruit. Consider hosting job fairs or advertising on other sources.   

Hire in Leadership Positions  

Diversity for diversity’s sake isn’t the long-term solution, either. Just hiring people to feel as though you’ve met a quota won’t give those individuals a sense of belonging to your culture. What will make a difference is ensuring that diverse representation is present in leadership positions. Everyone deserves a seat at the table, and that table represents a chance to be heard and effect change.   

Are You Looking to Hire From a Diverse Pool of Candidates? 

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