Essential Forklift Operator Safety Tips

Forklift jobs are a great opportunity for anyone looking to be a part of a warehouse environment. They can be seasonal jobs to fill in the gaps or the start of a new career. But forklift driving is a skill that requires adherence to safety protocol. Before you start your first or next forklift job, here is a refresher on essential forklift safety from the experts at Meador Staffing.   

Get a Certification  

Step one, when considering a role as a forklift driver, is to become certified. You can take a class locally to receive a certification that will also give you an advantage when seeking a forklift position. You want to demonstrate that you understand the OSHA safety guidelines for forklift operations.    

Use Safety Equipment  

While on the job, you should also pay special attention to the safety equipment you’re wearing. Safety shoes, such as steel-toed boots, hard hats, and visibility vests, are all important for a forklift’s safe operation. Also, don’t wear loose-fitting clothing that could get caught and cause injury.   

Inspect the Forklift Daily   

You should always take a moment each day to inspect the forklift before operating it. Test controls such as the brakes, lights, horn, and steering wheel. Check the tires, water and oil levels, and inspect the forks for any damage such as cracks. Also, check for any hazards nearby.   

Maintain Visibility  

When driving, always have the forks in the lowered position. You want to ensure that you have direct visibility to avoid injuring yourself or others or causing damage to materials or the building structure as you drive. Watch where you’re going, use mirrors, and make sure pedestrians know you’re in the area.   

Only Load to Capacity  

Do not overload the forklift. Every type of forklift has a capacity, so strict adherence to that number is essential for the equipment’s safe use. If the fork is overloaded, the forklift can pitch forward, causing injury as well as damage.   

Maintain a Safe Distance  

Always be mindful of other vehicles, pedestrians, equipment, and materials when you’re driving the forklift. You want to maintain a safe distance all around the vehicle to avoid accidents. You always want to be able to stop at a safe distance even if other vehicles are driving inappropriately.   

Drive a Safe Speed  

Always drive according to the speed limit in your work environment. It’s also critical that you don’t make quick movements when turning, stopping, or changing directions. These kinds of behaviors, especially at higher rates of speed, can cause the forklift to tip.   

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